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Why Wear A Mouthguard

Sevices400X267Most of the sports we play involve physical contact of some sort, which means a risk of getting hit in the mouth with anything from an elbow to a hockey stick.With over 200,000 mouth and jaw injuries each sporting year protection is essential. Wearing a custom made mouthguard should be as common as wearing a bike helmet.

A professionally made mouthguard will protect your teeth, reduce the incidence of oral lacerations and will also help prevent jaw breakage and concussion. Bear in mind the cost of replacing just one tooth can exceed $2000, not to mention the discomfort and inconvience of losing teeth.

Our Mouthguards fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear unlike over the counter varieties (which can actually move around in the mouth).Our mouthguards are made to suit each person and each sport.They come in a number of colour combinations and offer full protection to the teeth and jaw.

You only have one chance to protect your smile.

Sevices400X267We offer any adjustments throughout the season if needed.All of our mouthguards have a permanent identification strip (name and phone number) and come in a storage case. You can choose your own unique colours making them easier to identify.

We can supply the same comfortable mouthguards for most people undergoing orthodontic treatment. Our mouthguards will not interfere with your braces.Custom made mouthguards will not impede breathing or restrict speech and are guaranteed to fit for the season.

Our custom made laminated mouthguards are made from the highest quality materials using the latest laminating techniques.Investing in a custom made mouthguard is the best protection possible.